Friday, July 9, 2010

Make-over hutch

I purchased the hutch shown above from a landlord I had about 28 years ago.  The house I was renting still contained the belongings of the landlord's mother who had passed away.  This hutch was in there and I asked if she wanted to sell it.  I bought it for $10.  Originally it was just stained wood - mostly plywood I believe.  I had painted it white originally and wallpapered the inside of the shelves (where it is now painted yellow) in a pastel blue & white and used it in our daughter's room when she was an infant and kept books & decorations in it. 

With this more recent transformation, I had seen a similarly painted hutch for sale in a magazine - for only $899.  Needless to say, I wouldn't be rushing out to purchase it and had to be creative in order to have my own version of the hutch.  I painted the inside of the entire hutch in a barn red and then painted it in a light yellow with a crackle finish to allow the red to show through - the rest of the hutch is painted black.  I hand-painted the fruit on top of the yellow crackle finish (after much practicing on paper first).  Painting that first stroke on the actual hutch was very intimidating!

The hutch was originally open on the top as well as the bottom.  My father-in-law made the cupboard doors for me and also installed the crown-molding on top.  The top doors are wire mesh with a fabric insert stapled to the inside of the doors to hide my messy cookbook collection. This  was my first hand-painted project and I was happy with the results.

The four shelves of this hutch are packed with cookbooks that I've collected over the years - including the little metal box on the open shelf (you can see some recipes peeking out from under the lid - oops!).

I'm new to blogging - this being only my second post.  Any helpful hints on improving my blog would be appreciated - thanks!


Pam said...

Welcome to blogging! I'm somewhat new also, so no great tips for you yet. Love the hutch. It's amazing that you painted the fruit by hand. Great job.

GBL said...

Hi Pam -

Thanks for the kind words. The hutch was fun to paint after I got over the fear of messing it up. Actually, I think it was more a feeling of 'ready or not - I'm goin' in! ;o]

Lindy said...

Love your earring quote -- guess what, I can still fit into mine as well...